28 maggio 2019
The Death of a Transaction: Fabio Marazzi takes part in the seminar of UIA

We are pleased to inform you that Prof. Fabio Marazzi, senior managing partner of Marazzi & Associati, will host a presentation at the seminar organized by the Union Internationale des Avocats "UIA" in London on Thursday 30 May 2019.

The conference will be held on Thursday 30 and Friday 31 May 2019 in order to bring together lawyers from around the world, facilitate professional development, the international exchange of information and ideas as well as to promote the rule of law.

The presentation of Prof. Fabio Marazzi will be aimed at addressing various issues, such as: Intentions of Parties, Purchase Agreement Conditionally and Indemnties; within the framework of Civil Law in a panel in which common law jurists will participate.

The panel will address the key issues to be considered during the negotiations for the acquisition and sale of a business and for the interpretation of the Contracts.

If you would like to request a presentation or for more information, please contact Alessia Marsegaglia: