13 giugno 2019
Tracce: Marco Rossi Contemporary Art Gallery Exhibition

Marazzi & Associati supports the Marco Rossi Contemporary Art Gallery in the exhibition "TRACCE" by the artist Valerio Berruti which will be inaugurated on July 6, 2019 in Pietrasanta (Lu) in Piazza G. Bruno 3, via Garibaldi 16.

Valerio Berruti was born in Alba in Piedmont in 1977, a city where he still lives and works. Graduated in art criticism at the D.A.M.S. in Turin, in 1995 he bought and restored a church of the seventeenth century in Verduno (CN) that he uses as a studio and atelier. His drawings, paintings and sculptures essentially reproduce images of everyday life and family affections.

In 2004 Berruti began his artistic career by winning the Premio Celeste and the Premio Pagine Bianche d'Autore of the Piedmont Region, then continued exhibiting in the most popular galleries in Europe and the rest of the world such as: in 2009 at the Venice Biennale, in 2008 at the center Pompidou in Paris, in 2011 at the Pola Museum in Tokyo, and in 2014 at The Drawing Center in New York.

For this event he decided to exhibit a new work, absolutely original, where, as often happens in the works of the Piedmontese artist, the media merge: drawing with frescoed painting, sculpture that makes three-dimensional drawing, video animation that transforms drawing into cinema, creating each time works of great impact and poetic effect. In the cycle "Traces", the drawing becomes an engraved sign inside steel plates of different sizes, like a negative trace of his shadow sculptures.

The exhibition will end on August 6, 2019.

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