4 ottobre 2019
TRACIT provides effective support for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals

We are pleased to announce that Marazzi&Associati is a member since the foundation of TRACIT international alliance to combat illicit trade.

TRACIT promotes legitimate economic activity at the expense of illegal trade activities such as smuggling, counterfeiting and tax evasion, which cause irreversible damage to countries and human lives, creating socio-economic instability.

For the fight against illegal trade, Tracit has prepared a study in which 17 Sustainable Development Goals have been mapped in relation to sectors that are considered to be most exposed to illicit trade: tobacco, pesticides, alcohol, fishing, precious metals and all forms of counterfeiting and piracy, to help define a regulatory response to illegal trade so as to reduce it and, if possible, eliminate it.

TRACIT strengthens companies' response to illegal trade through the exchange of information, broadening the knowledge base, and contributing with know-how and dissemination of industry best practices to strengthen policies, legislation and fill governance gaps. Through meetings, round tables and summits, as well as through partnerships established with major NGOs, OIGs and business associations, TRACIT is able to provide concrete solutions and lines of behaviour that are really adopted by companies.

We are pleased to share attached a note related to Tracit and its activities, for more information please contact Alessia Marsegaglia at: or visit

Tracit and its activities